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What Is Cash Depot?

Cash Depot is one of the top retailers of gift cards, debit cards, and membership cards in North America. The retail giant began in 1977 as a small dollar store that offered basic products at competitive prices. Since its beginning, the business has grown significantly, becoming the largest single physical retailer in the world with locations in Canada, Ireland, and Bermuda. The retailer offers a wide variety of products including apparel, electronics, gifts, jewelry, sporting equipment, home appliances, home furnishings, and much more. The company was started by Richard W. Ebers and John J. O'Brien, who are still managing members of the company.

One way that the cash depot differs from other retailers is that it offers a free service for the members. They have an application for the members called the Cash Flow Bar that is used to track all transactions that have been made. The bar will show the date, time, amount of money spent, and an icon that can indicate an applicable discount or promotion. Cash Flow is an excellent tool that is used by both the consumer and the retailer to ensure that the right discounts are being offered to customers.

Another aspect of the Cash Depot business that makes it stand out from competitors is the customer service provided to its members. Cash Flow provides outstanding customer service in every aspect of the application process including inquiries and upgrades. The customer service team provided to each customer is excellent, friendly, and knowledgeable about their products and services.

The primary product offered by the Cash Depot is the MasterCard debit card. Consumers may also be able to receive their preferred credit card, which will offer a variety of benefits including air miles and gift certificates. Both the MasterCard and Visa cards are accepted at most of the Cash Depot stores, including select gas stations and select restaurants. With the MasterCard, card members can purchase all of their items at participating merchants, including groceries, gasoline, and select restaurants, and they are not limited to purchasing merchandise within the store's participating locations.

As mentioned above, card members have the option to apply for an automatic overdraft protection. This feature will allow a card member to obtain cash advances at any time that they have a balance on their debit card. However, this feature requires a deposit of funds into the members' account. Card members must pay an additional fee every month in order to use this feature.

The Cash Depot membership gives cardholders access to hundreds of different merchant accounts. Cardholders are assigned a unique customer reference number, which serves as the member's account number. Merchant account details such as a participating merchant, credit limit, and other important information are always clearly displayed on the website. Cash Depots operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so it is very unlikely that a customer will miss any sales or promotions, even on weekends or holidays. The customer service team at Cash Depot is willing to help their customers at any time.

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